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Quote (Louis @ May 20 2010,09:47)
Quote (carlsonjok @ May 20 2010,02:22)
Quote (BillB @ May 19 2010,18:12)
i dun haz PhD (subject to minor corrections)
Now I shall get very drunk.

Well, now that you are a doctor, you better be ready for all the requests for free medical advice.

Ahhhh I love those.

An old Greek aunt once asked me for medical help. I replied with the Greek equivalent of "I can't do much for your bunions, love, but I can whip you up a cracking batch of speed."

She was not amused. I, on the other hand, found it mightily funny.

Yes, I do already know I am a bad person, what of it?


My Dad is a retired medical doctor - he always used to book travel tickets and accommodation as 'Mr' instead of 'Dr' because he got fed up with being called on for medical advice.

As for me, if I get asked for medical advice I shall whip out a torque wrench and a set of screwdrivers and ask - 'did you plug your battery in the right way around?'.

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