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I spent one and a half years in Warrensburg, MO (Go, CMSU Mules!;) and made the rather foolish decision to move up there from Orlando, FL at the end of the Fall term.  My very first week there the temperature got down into the negatives (Farenheit) and the pipes in the home I moved into froze, flooding out the kitchen.

I remember distinctly that Kansas City smelled like skunk and cowflop.  After traveling to a fencing tournament in DeMoines, I determined that Iowa also smelled like skunk.  And pigs.

After my second winter there, driving 70 miles each way in a car with no heater to go work in a Kansas FedEx Ground hub with no heat, this little hothouse flower determined that it was time to leave.  

I am weak.

Turns out the guy I moved up there to be with ended up getting a sex change later so it's just as well.   ???

I've found my personality to be an effective form of birth control.

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