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Quote (fnxtr @ Mar. 29 2009,02:30)
Quote (Kristine @ Mar. 24 2009,12:49)

dal-said-volcano-monitoring-is-wasteful#comments]Ha ha ha, I crack myself up sometimes[/URL].
Well, I'm sure that Jindal is convinced now that volcano "watching" is "wasteful." The volcano still erupted, didn't it? Scientists didn't stop the eruption, did they? Because scientists don't know anything, and we should funnel more funds toward faith-based initiatives that can actually do something, like exorcisms. ;)

But do you want to be that it's true? :)

Sacrificing virgins used to work.

I find sacrificing virginity is a little less messy, a lot more fun, and equally effective, when it comes to preventing volcanic eruptions.

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