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Quote (stevestory @ Feb. 25 2009,13:33)
Quote (AmandaHuginKiss @ Feb. 24 2009,21:30)
Quote (stevestory @ Feb. 25 2009,13:18)
Quote (AmandaHuginKiss @ Feb. 24 2009,21:12)
I've gone from $80 an hour to $100 an hour over six months and still keep on getting busier.

Doing what, if I might ask?

fixing computers and a little programming on the side. Those rates are pretty standard even in the states. Ring up you local Computer Troubleshooters or Geeks. Because most of you guys are handy enough around computers to do your own stuff you don't really see this world.  

However, it might sound good but $100 a day gets sucked away in the cost of running a business and if you manage to charge 20 hours a week, you are really working 70 hours in traveling, invoicing and researching.

yeah, a friend down the street does web stuff and gets $60 an hour. But like you mention, you might have a job that takes 10 hrs, and you can only bill for $30, or a client doesn't want to pay, etc.

He can charge less because his average job is long than my average job. Other than that, web design sucks. I did   a couple of sites but lost money on them. Small business likes a fixed cost but you end up having endless meetings waiting for them to come up with photos and content. Now I just double my cost.

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