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Quote (stevestory @ Feb. 25 2009,13:30)
Quote (AmandaHuginKiss @ Feb. 24 2009,21:12)
As it looks as though you want to charge $35 an hour, I'd charge $38 an hour.

Of course I'll charge whatever maximizes the income function. I'm just curious what the sci-oriented people here think is a fair price.

Scientists are the last people you would ask  :)
Seriously, when I started business I thought you just needed to be good. I now know that being adequate and a good marketer beats being good hands down.

Steve Wozniak was far smarter than Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs was good at marketing and had an inflated opinion of himself

Which one is the billionaire.

You might agonize over $35 dollars an hour then somebody will come into town open up a shiny office, spend a gazillion on marketing and charge $50 per hour.

What you should aim for is the following phone call between parents:

"I use Steve, he is more expensive but he is very good", you then become a status symbol. They will then say I could have gotten any tutor but I use Steve because I really care about my children.

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