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Quote (stevestory @ Feb. 25 2009,12:30)
Off-topic question here.

I'm a math tutor. 50% of my work is Algebra 1, 40% Algebra 2, 10% Trig, Geometry, ACT, etc.

Background facts:

1 Living in Raleigh during the economic boom times I charged $35/hr
2 Living in this depressed North Florida area during a recession, I now tell some people $20/hr and never hear back from them.
4 My girlfriend's ex is a guitar tutor and he has no prob charging $35 for a half hour.
5 I'm not Joe Schmoe high school student doing this for spending money, I've got a Bachelor's in physics and have logged prob 2-3000 hours tutoring.

All those in mind, what do people here think I should charge? What's an appropriate wage?

It's all marketing. This a problem in any business and all part of the demand/supply curve. Charge low -- you get a lot of customers, you may even have to turn away some. You work hard and wonder why you never get ahead.

Charge high -- you get 1 acceptance for every 10 calls. In all the additional spare time you market yourself like crazy (If you charge low you have no time to market yourself as you are too busy making peanuts). This ramps up the phone calls so you get the same percentage of rejections but because of the extra calls you still get the customers.

A friend of mine ask the accountant what she should charge and the accountant said that you should charge just over what you are comfortable charging and put it up once you get comfortable.

As it looks as though you want to charge $35 an hour, I'd charge $38 an hour. But I would handout leaflets at all the local schools and get a website and optimize it like crazy. I'd tell all of your existing customers that you have to put your prices up, but you will maintain their current rate if they can refer two other students to you.

I've gone from $80 an hour to $100 an hour over six months and still keep on getting busier.

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