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Quote (stevestory @ Jan. 26 2009,03:56)
Does the efficiency of a photovoltaic cell stay the same at higher intensities? Say I've got a 1m^2 PV cell at 20% efficiency. In direct sunlight we're talking 1.2 kW * 0.2==0.24kW. If I hook up an array of mirrors and increase the intensity on the cell by a factor of ten, does the 20% efficiency still hold? Will I get 2.4kW?

I'm not sure what the math is, but you will, up to the point where you fry the cells.

Most solar concentrator designs seem to be parabolic mirrors aimed at a solar cell. As you can imagine, it can get rather warm. As in the link above, IBM has been working on cooling technology with a reflector that produces enough heat to melt steel.

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