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Quote (Daniel Smith @ Jan. 17 2009,09:33)
Also, I've given you free reign to pick the system for which a pathway can be shown.  That means that - if you don't want to explain how nature produced my "extremely complicated" pathway (which is extremely simple compared to a ribosome, or a cell, or an eye, or a brain), then you can pick the system for which a natural pathway can be shown.

Our unwillingness to do your homework for you does not constitute an argument for your position. There is a vast body of literature on the evolution of various biological systems. Your claiming victory on the basis that we refuse to spoon feed it to you just makes you look stupid.

Your repeated failures at basic logic (see here and here and here for just a few examples) make it clear that spoon feeding you highly technical arguments about molecular biology would be pointless. So does your inability to distinguish between the droolings of a kook like Davison and actual science.

If you can actually pick a random paper on evolutionary biology and prove that it has glaring flaws, have at it. I'm sure we will all be suitable embarrassed when your letters are published in Nature, and even more embarrassed when every previously published paper on evolutionary biology is retracted. Ah well, science marches on!

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