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Quote (Daniel Smith @ Jan. 16 2009,16:06)
You've defeated a position I never researched, never pursued, and never disputed.  (I did, however, express my indifference to the subject.)

Once again, you miss the point. Your "indifference" to the flood shows that you are utterly clueless. Moreover, your "indifference" wasn't that indifferent. You claimed that you had never researched the subject, but you hadn't seen any evidence against it.

You don't have to research: Simple geometry should tell you that a global flood is nonsense. Volume of water to reach > 8 km over current sea level, where did it come from, where did it go ?

This may not be relevant to your argument, but it certainly highlights your failure to think critically. Much like the error I pointed out in my previous post. If you can't recognize elementary problems like this, it's no surprise you haven't been able to see the problems with your argument, despite having them pointed out to you many times.

But do feel free to declare victory ;)

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