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I have to give Daniel some credit; he just keeps trucking along, blathering away, heedless of the vacuousness of his position.  Like the Little Engine That Shouldn't.

What is the saddest/funniest thing about his woo is how he criticizes "materialists" (fundie speak for "those who don't believe in woo") for saying "I don't know" but utterly fails to acknowledge that admitting you don't yet know the answer to something is infinitely more honest than Making Shit Up.  Because the godbotherer cannot accept natural explanations for things nor consider the fact that there is no evidence for a magic man in the sky, he ignores the "I don't know roadblock" and pretends that he does know the answer.  Which, necessarily, is his own magic man in the gaps for which there is no evidence beyond his Bronze Age Book O' Bullshit and personal feelings of warm n' fuzziness.  

What a nice little insulated world, indeed, Projection Boy!

I've found my personality to be an effective form of birth control.

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