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Quote (Daniel Smith @ Jan. 12 2009,17:17)
Front-loading requires omniscience in the same way that successful DNA encoding does.

That's your conclusion, which you are assuming.
Also, (to use your argument), front-loading happened billions of years ago - so how can we know that all the genetic "spit-swapping" that went on back then didn't produce a super-genome from which all others descended?

We have a fair idea of the causes of mutations, and what rate they happen at. Based on that alone, "front loading" fails without massive, unjustifiable special pleading.
I don't care if my argument is scientific or not, I don't care if it contributes anything to the empirical research of methodological naturalists, I especially don't care if those who embrace methodological naturalism reject it, I only care if it's true.

How would such "truth" be more relevant than last Tuesdayism ?
I guess he feels he's winning our imaginary debate.

Some of us enjoy highlighting choice bits of The Argument Regarding Design in your posts. Your non-response when the obvious absurdity of your position is pointed out is certainly noted, but does not detract from the enterprise! I would be shocked if anyone here (except you) believes you've made rational argument, never mind a compelling one. The "debate" is an attempt corner you into realizing how astoundingly bad your arguments are, or in the alternative, to have a laugh.

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