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Quote (Daniel Smith @ Jan. 10 2009,10:31)
 The aspect of front-loading that might seem miraculous to us (and the part that I'm agreeing to) is the necessity for foreknowledge of world environmental conditions.

So you are saying that Quetzalcoatl el diseņador knows exactly what is going to happen, right down to which individuals are going to reproduce and which radioactive decay products are going to zap which nucleotides in those individuals gametes. All billions of years in advance... but this isn't supernatural!

What imaginable universe is not "explained" by this hypothesis ? How does your hypothesis provide more useful predictions than theistic evolution or last Tuesdayism ?

The alternative is to claim that the front loading doesn't depend on these random events coming out a particular way, that the actual designs for every living thing existed in some identifiable form in earlier organisms, and some identifiable mechanism existed to maintain it.

Unfortunately, this has a problem too. I won't spoil the surprise, but it starts with an E.

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