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Quote (Daniel Smith @ Dec. 18 2008,16:11)
It should be easy - right Bill??  I mean you believe it's already been done.  Maybe if you try closing your eyes and visualizing it, a solution will pop into your head and you'll be able to show me these "many complex systems" for which the explanation already exists!

You seem to think that your failure to do your homework is somehow an argument in support of your position.

The problem is that we know perfectly well there are thousands of papers out there detailing various aspects of evolution in mind numbing detail. The fact that you appear unwilling to acknowledge the existence of this body of knowledge suggests strongly that you aren't in any position to claim it is wrong. This is further demonstrated to by your continued failure to grasp the most basic principles of science and logic.

BTW, I asked you earlier:

Serious question for a moment:
Do you honestly believe you've made a convincing argument for your position here ?  Do you really believe that if professional biologists looked at your "theories" without prejudice, they would find insights which would improve the human understanding of the biological world ?

Well, how about it. If the "darwinsts" suddenly opened their eyes to "design", would the state of biological knowledge advance ?

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