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Quote (Daniel Smith @ Dec. 15 2008,09:12)
I'm not asking for an explanation that I will accept.  I'm asking for an explanation that will be accepted as "settled" by the experts.

If that's what you are waiting for, job done, go have a beer with your inner ape. You can have full confidence that at least 99.99% of biologists accept common descent and evolution through natural selection as extremely well tested and thoroughly confirmed. You can be equally assured that they agree your "front loading" hypothesis is completely at odds with the evidence, not to mention bat shit crazy.

Oh wait...

The problem with all the "answers" provided here so far is that none of them are even close to settling the question.

You disregard the overwhelming consensus of people who actually know what the fuck they are talking about, because you don't find it convincing. Guess that beer will have to wait until we come up with something that you personally find acceptable after all.

It would restore some of my faith in humanity to know Daniel was just a troll having a laugh... if I hadn't met people who were actually that stupid in real life. Not that our interaction with him will have any effect in either case ;)

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