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Quote (Daniel Smith @ Dec. 02 2008,17:07)
I don't see what the big difference would be.

Well yes, that is one of your problems.

 What difference does the current theory make in regard to pharmaceuticals or oil exploration?

Evolution informs a great deal of modern medicine. Random recent example:

Figuring out where the different Ebola strains came from, and how they relate to each other is a useful thing. Evolutionary theory contributes to this by making predictions. Tying together history, geography, host organisms, and the relationship between the various filoviruses could help contain outbreaks of the disease.

What does ID theory say about the relationship between Marburg, Ebola Zaire and Ebola Sudan ? Not a single fucking thing. The designer made them all, and presumably their differences only depend on whether he wanted 30% of or 60% of infected people to die a horrible death in specific areas. What a pal!


 The fossils will all still be in the same places whether evolution was front-loaded or accidental

Only if front loading was arbitrarily designed to mimic evolution (yo, nested hierarchies, when can't a single fucking IDiot understand them ?),

and drug research will still depend on molecular interactions and the specifics of whatever disease we're talking about.  None of that will change.

Because antibiotic resistance doesn't exist ? Because the mutation and adaption of harmful organisms and cancer cells is insignificant ? Because understanding the history of pathogens cannot possibly inform attempts to combat them ?

In a supernatural world, all of the above could be true. In the one we live in, they are completely false.

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