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Quote (stevestory @ Dec. 01 2008,19:05)

Having a scientific revolution is a process of convincing the scientific community that your hypothesis is more useful in some way. When evolutionists are producing tons of research using their idea, and your 'theorists' are producing jack, Ur Doin it Rong.

And that really is the crux of the matter isn't it ? If ID actually produced something that was useful, people would use it, and push the boundaries of it's usefulness as far as they could... regardless of the philosophical implications.

If ID theory helped you create pharmaceuticals faster, the pharma industry would be all over it. If YEC theory predicted where you could find oil, you know Chevron and Shell would hire YEC geologists, and YEC geology would be taught in every university. The oil companies have no stake in the biblical account being false. If astrology worked, the countries with the best astrologers would dominate the world. If prayer worked better than penicillin, your HMO would demand prayer.

But here's the rub Daniel... Observation shows that to a very good approximation, we don't live in that universe. Natural explanations displace supernatural ones, not because of some materialist agenda, but because the supernatural ones don't fucking work. If you are going to claim that yours is different, you'd better be prepared to show it.

All you have to do to defeat materialism is come up with magic that works better than materialist science. With the infinite power of God on your side, that should be pretty easy, right ?

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