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Quote (Daniel Smith @ Nov. 23 2008,17:16)
Quote (Henry J @ Nov. 22 2008,19:23)

Life is sometimes messy, yes. Matching heirarchies are expected when inter-species DNA transfer is not significant. If life was engineered they wouldn't be expected at all.

If life was engineered to evolve from a universal genome, such would indeed be expected.

So your claim is basically that there was one genome at the start, which was programmed to become all the diverse life we see ?

Do you claim that the mechanism by which this happens is subject to rational inquiry ? That is, if we examined the original, would we be able to see the complete plan for every past and present animal, or does it rely on God zapping various creatures gametes with apparently random phenomena like cosmic rays ?


Can you name one trait for which you can say that science has a good handle on how evolution formed it?

If you are going to claim an entire science is wrong, you should make some tiny effort to educate yourself. There are literally thousands of papers on this very subject.


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