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Quote (Richard Simons @ Nov. 22 2008,22:33)
If front-loading were the case, it should be possible to look at a genome and say what traits are hidden but have not yet been expressed, to predict the evolution of an organism (unless, of course, you believe that perfection has now been reached and there will be no future change). Daniel - what progress has been made in this direction? Who, indeed, is even working on it?

Even in the latter case, we have an increasing number of ancient genomes available. If we sequence the ancestors of existing species, it should be possible to find the "front loaded" sequences for subsequently evolved traits.

On the subject of horizontal transfer, Carl Zimmer has a pair of fascinating posts on the emerald green sea slug. Those close minded darwinists have their explanation, can your front loading hypothesis offers something better Daniel ?

BTW Daniel, you never did explain why your designer makes such crap designs. Isn't your so-called prediction based on him being, like super smart and stuff ?

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