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Quote (Daniel Smith @ Nov. 21 2008,17:38)
You mean like the existence of an information carrying code at the heart of every cell?   Would that more logically follow from the premise that life was engineered or from the premise that life was the result of natural accidents?    

It's pretty crap engineering. Why put the whole genome in every cell ? Why not keep a handful of redundant copies with some fancy error correction, and then build each cell with only the bits it actually needs ? If that's proof of design, it's also proof the designer was a moron.

Oh right, God the designer moves in mysterious ways. Plus cancer and all the other shitty side effects of his crap designs give him a raging hardon*.

If you actually studied a little biology, you'd realize just how Rube Goldberg we are. Those nice diagrams that make cells look like machines... they are a simplification made by humans to help us understand particular process.

* Suffering after all is a sign of Gods love, right ?

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