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Quote (Daniel Smith @ Nov. 19 2008,17:37)
The scientific paradigm, at the time Darwin proposed his theory of natural selection, was, (what I would call), the "God paradigm" - it was widely held that a creator God had made the universe and everything in it and that all of creation was a reflection of God's character.


A) The God theory can be the basis of empirical science and can provide a framework for research (it has done so in the past).

You keep making this very fundamental mistake over and over.

The fact that belief in God was widespread does not imply that the belief provided any kind of foundation for the science of the day.

The scientific advances of the Enlightenment came in spite of prevailing dogma, not because of it. F=ma whether or not you accept Alchemy.

While many past scientists (and more than few present ones) have held the opinion that the study of science is a way of honoring the Creator, the validity of their results is based on logic and observation, and is completely independent from this belief.

There are many more errors in your post, but perhaps you could address this first ?

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