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Richard Simons

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Quote (Louis @ Nov. 09 2008,17:22)
Quote (Richard Simons @ Nov. 09 2008,23:14)
Quote (Daniel Smith @ Nov. 09 2008,14:51)
Quote (Richard Simons @ Nov. 08 2008,14:54)
How exactly could a god move raw materials around to make the first life? Was it done atom by atom to make a single first cell, or what? Arm waving and appeals to unknowable magic will not do.

People are learning how to manipulate molecules and atoms.  Is it really that "far-out" to hypothesize that an infinitely intelligent being could do it?  How do people do it?

Yes, it really is far out. Having super-intelligence would not help to actually move atoms. People do it by using an atomic force microscope. Was one available to the god(s)? How was it made?


I neglected to comment on this piece of Danny's hilarity. We've been manipulating atoms and molecules very effectively for centuries without atomic force microscopes.

We cognoscenti call it "chemistry". Shhhh, keep it under your hat, it's clearly a secret from Danny et al.


Perhaps I misunderstood what Daniel was driving at here. I thought he was suggesting an alternative to the standard concepts of natural chemistry, eons of time and pre-biotic selection. That somehow his god had a shortcut and assembled a specific cell, putting a nitrogen atom here, a hydrogen there, until it was complete.

Daniel! We need you to cast a little light on the subject and give us a few details of how you envision it. Was it all a matter of normal chemistry or did your god tinker with individual molecules?

All sweeping statements are wrong.

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