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Quote (Daniel Smith @ Nov. 01 2008,09:46)
A) Lots of scientific research has been carried out by people who believe as I do in the last 4000 years.  Some of the greatest scientific discoveries of all time have been the result of the work of believers in a creative God.

But you are missing the critical point, as usual.

Those people figured stuff out in spite of being steeped in irrational dogma not based on the content of that dogma. Many great scientists have been religious, but I challenge you to point out any whose great discoveries were arrived at based on the content of their religious beliefs.

Newton didn't get his calculus or laws of motion from the ancient legends, he figured it out, using logic and evidence. The fact that he accepted some other loony beliefs isn't relevant to the validity of calculus, because calculus isn't based on those beliefs.

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