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Quote (Daniel Smith @ Oct. 15 2008,14:26)
I've read through all your comments and I must say that none of you have tried to answer my question save Louis,

If you read them more carefully, you might have figured out why your question is irrelevant to your so called prediction.

The beauty of my prediction is that it doesn't depend on my knowledge of science, it depends on yours - all of you.  I'm predicting, not only that you don't know how any of life's systems came about, but that you never will!

The ugly side of your "prediction" is that it is purely negative and pulled out of thin air without any particular rational basis. Despite your protestations, it still boils down to the argument from ignorance. Acknowledging that you don't have any actual expertise in the relevant field, and without reading the literature Louis suggested, you don't think science will ever figure it out. We should care because ... ?

How is it different from any other unknown in science ? Better yet, how is it different from things that were completely mysterious at one time, but now are well understood ?

Compared to many of these, we actually have a pretty good idea of what is required for abiogenesis. Do we have the whole picture ? Hell no. We do however have a large set of puzzle pieces dumped out on the table, and putting it together looks like it's going to be a lot more fun that just saying "goddidit" and giving up.
Quote (Louis @ bathroom,wall)

Wow you read all those books and papers and the associated references in one night? Impressive. Truly amazing research Danny.

Now now, he clearly stated that he didn't need to read them to know what they would or wouldn't say ;) Truly Astonishing Reasoning Display!

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