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Quote (Daniel Smith @ Oct. 14 2008,12:03)
What I want is an undisputed (by the experts), verifiable (all chemical steps worked out), possible pathway from non-life to life, or (if you read my blog) from some plausible precursor to the present E. coli amino acid synthesis system for lysine, threonine, isoleucine, and methionine.  There must be sufficient detail and the scientific community must reach a consensus that, 'yes, we've figured it out'.

Suppose you asked "the experts" in 1850 to give an equivalent description of any of the thousands of chemical process that we understand today.

Would their inability to do so constitute evidence for a designed universe ? Should Mendeleev have just said "obviously the work of an incomprehensible designer!" and moved on to something sensible, like prayer and flagellation ?

Science, unlike dogma, freely admits to not having complete answers. Of course we can't be certain that answers will be found, but so far it has done a hell of a lot better than explanations rooted in ancient myths.

Not a record I'd bet against.

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