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Quote (Daniel Smith @ Oct. 12 2008,12:02)
God is not "forced" to limit himself to our level of understanding, but it is highly unlikely that he would do so.  For example, what is the likelihood that all of man's inventions would be so simplistic that monkeys could figure them out?  It's so highly unlikely it's almost impossible.  Even the stuff we're doing now is beyond a monkey's level of comprehension.  And all we're doing is being ourselves.

If god is beyond our level of understanding, how can you make any rational statement about the likelihood of his actions ? You are claiming that god is unfathomable, while at the same time making predictions based on the alleged characteristics of god.

Your "argument from impossibility" appears to be a simple re-hash of the old argument from personal incredulity. Like most logical fallacies, it's a long time creationist favorite.

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