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Quote (Louis @ Sep. 10 2008,16:11)
Quote (Spottedwind @ Sep. 10 2008,19:32)
Quote (Louis @ Sep. 10 2008,13:57)
Oh and is it just me or is rhythmic gymnastics just paedophilia with ribbons?


I'm unclear here if this is a complaint or an endorsement.

(Too soon to jump on the bash-Louis bandwangon?  Or perhaps I should have gone for the gay/welsh options)

It's never too soon...apparently! ;-)

Oh and the above is neither endorsement or complaint, merely dispassionate observation. Now if you were talking to Chatfield (who, I have it on good authority*, was "home from work" the days the rhythmic gymnastics was showing) you might get a more impassioned response.


* I was rolling off his wife when she mentioned it. I'm not saying she's fat but I burned my arse on the lightbulb on my way over.

P.S. I am neither gay nor Welsh in reality, nor do I play either on the internet or any other medium. Nor is the abuse real, it is part of the AtBC wallpaper (at least until the politeness police get their way). Don't restrict your attention and bantering to me, Arden has a tiny cock (amongst other more deviant issues), Deadman does things to squirrels, Carlson has a slightly fierce passion for horses of all sexes, Lou is really two ladies, Wesley has.....well let's just say "a beard", Stevestory has a phobia of the words bro^wn and sme^lly and a love of mushrooms and chewing tobacco, J-Dog is a resurrected cave man and all round furry funster, Blipey is a clown and a cause of fear in others (or just Davetard) and Kristine is a witch. And that's just the beginnings. If you want serious and intellectual talk to Reciprocating Bill and Albatrossity2, who also have a very good line in jokes. K.e. is obsessed with penis gourds and BWE is just frankly worrying (I've seen photos), Alan Fox is universally adored, as indeed is J-Fox, and neither last nor by any means least, Henry J is a master of the one liner and the pun cascade (and possibly a new species of banana).

Now I have everyone's weakness!  Bwa hahaha!

wat i do wif it?

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