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Quote (stevestory @ Aug. 21 2008,00:18)
A long, long time ago (four years) I was a power user and ran lots of premium software, and NAG libraries, and finite-element methods, and extensive Mathematica programs doing simulations and Cellular Automata runs and etc etc. And so at the time I knew all the deep deep computer junk, even as far as details about the IEEE 754 specs, etc, But now I just want a computer that fucking works. I want to hearz my musics without screwing around and I don't want to bother with tables and MBR backups blah blah blah. I swear to god if I have another event like this I'm just saying to hell with it and buying Mac. I guarantee if i took a hard drive out of a Mac and put it in another Mac it would just fucking work.

If the filesystem is corrupted, it doesn't matter what OS you use. Macs wouldn't have any better luck reading it than Windows. It's a problem with the data on the drive, not the software.

To rebut creationism you pretty much have to be a biologist, chemist, geologist, philosopher, lawyer and historian all rolled into one. While to advocate creationism, you just have to be an idiot. -- tommorris

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