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[Graffiti moved to Bathroom Wall. -Admin]

Quote (lcd @ July 23 2008,11:35)
Quote (Nerull @ July 23 2008,10:32)
Obviously an adult, then.

Because minimum age drinking laws existed a few thousand years ago.

And, sorry, "strubborn and rebellious" describes 99% of teenagers. It doesn't say murderer.

Obviously as so many kids would have the money to buy booze and go out on their own.

Being an adult I'd suppose came a lot earlier than it does in today's world.

Okay, so its an adult....

Now why is he being dragged out for not listening to his parents again? I thought part of being an adult was going off to be independent.

If its an adult who is such a troublemaker, surely there are others to deal with that? The passage only makes sense with a child.

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