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[Graffiti moved to Bathroom Wall. -Admin]

Dr GH:


That is an example of a successful IDC prediction?



hypothesis: the starting conditions of life were designed

The "starting" conditions? Just what were these "starting conditions" you speak of, stranger? I would know more of this new science.

You don't know and yet you already dismissed it? Are you drunk again GH? Be honest.


And, these strange conditions you say were "designed?" And how might you distiguish between a designed "starting condition" and one "undesigned?"

Obviously a prebiotic soup is not a designed starting condition.


Well, as Darwin and many generations of biologists agree, physical conditions do indeed "influence evolution."  Why, we even call it "Natural Selection."   How do you creationists tell natural selection apart from "influenced evolution." Why do you think that "evolution" happens if it is really all from "design?"

Natural selection works secondarily to the designed architecture of life.


How do you find your ass in the morning?

I look you up on the internetz.

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