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Chris Hyland

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Does this mean that god chooses who believes in him and who doesnt? That seems a little unfair. If people did believe but then lost their faith does this mean god abondoned them, or they didnt really believe all along?

Yes—and yes it seems unfair—and yes it means that they really didn’t believe all along (or that they will return, as it were.) If you are actually interested in this theological position, I have started a series on it here

I have read your posts on predetermination, although I have been told many times that all of my actions are selfish and sinful, i have never been told that this is all preditermined and there is nothing i can do about it. Is a good act then defined as one that is done in pursuit of god, or one that is done by someone who is preditermined to follow god?

This does go some way to explain why a lot of people say you need religion to have morals, but it also widens the gap between religion and atheism if there are many people who simply cant be saved. And im sure you've heard this one before, but i take exception to being told that my good deeds are selfish and evil when someone else, (referring to the majority of religious people) whos primary motivation for good deeds is securing eternal life for themselves is not selfish.

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