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Tom Ames

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(Permalink) Posted: Nov. 04 2005,06:36   

Quote (The Ghost of Paley @ Oct. 25 2005,09:02)
....Nicky, on your promotion to head barker. I knew you had it in you as soon as I saw this wonderful, masterful, lunatic cakewalk of evo storybooking. I never thought you guys would ever find someone who could avoid the sterno long enough to crayon a coherent rebuttal to anyone, and personally, even I had my doubts at first, what with the sloppy glue-jobs you would earnestly present to the ARN, but you've come a long way, even if your magnum opus is padded with the detritus of failed guesswork and gyrates about its sham phylogeny like a child's dreidel. Shin, Hey, Gimel, Nun, indeed. You are truly the gleam in an old tart's eye, the shining spittle that guides the evos through the dank corridors of their troubled mind. Keep the good work up, and you just might get a job shining the Master's shoes, or even provide your special brand of Pub-Med carpet bombing to wear down Eugenie's Kids.

What an ugly, smug, glib and self-satisfied person this "Ghost of Paley" is.

Must be either Dembski or Berlinski.

-Tom Ames

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