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And Cogzie, you claimed that I made an ad hoc adjustment to my model when I used the digamma function to justify my choice of dimensions (or should it be dimentias?). This implies a misuse of the underlying math. If so, could you please explain your objection, or describe exactly where you need more detail? Thanks.

Here's what I said, with the complaint emboldened:
I love how you make an assertion, that the hyperstructure of quintessence is in 7 dimensions, then you go out and find a math article that deals with hyperdimensions and the "perfect number 7" (well, close enough to 7.257...) and  you post it in here as justification.  Yet, you haven't shown what the surface area of your hyperspheres has to do with the special properties of your quintessence.  Which is more than a small gap in your explanation.

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