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(Permalink) Posted: Oct. 21 2005,11:17   

EricMurphy has saved me the trouble of answering Evopeach. :)

Quote (evopeach @ Oct. 21 2005,14:53)
Now I see you and lenny and most of the others are just another band of socialist pinko anarchists who have no compunction about lying, cheating, BSing, etc. and are  antithetical to the truth and every value except me first and right now.. well it just clears things up considerably.

And there are so many things wrong with that comment that I won't even bother making an attempt at it.

Fundamentalism in a nutshell:
"There are a lot of things I have concluded to be wrong, without studying them in-depth. Evolution is one of them. The fact that I don't know that much about it does not bother me in the least."

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