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Julie Stahlhut

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(Permalink) Posted: Oct. 22 2005,06:44   

I just can't keep from  :D when pondering the various possible meanings of "unimpeachable" in the above case.

Perhaps the Valerie Plame case will continue to wake people up.  The current administration has pandered to the non-reality-based community in many ways, and gotten away with it.  But in this case, they sabotaged some of their own intelligence operations because of a petty vendetta against one agent's husband.  Rather a stunning act from officials of an administration who spend so much time banging the drums for their "war on terrorism".

These people have promoted empty facades of foreign policy, civil rights, disaster preparedness, and educational standards.  It's not surprising that they're also promoting an empty facade of science.  There's nothing in the least bit patriotic about it -- these clowns have been methodically undermining every strength that this country has ever plausibly claimed.

Oh, I forgot.  We're too reality-based.  We just don't understand ....

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