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One of the things the Discovery Institute does well is it targets ordinary people and appeals to existing cultural leanings and biases.  Sure, they are nothing but lying propagandists in the truest sense, but they are obviously good at it.  

I think what is needed is the equivalent of the Discovery Institute (sans the dishonesty and distortions).

And by equivalent I mean an organization that:

1) Writes articles that appeal to (or at least can be understood by) the average Joe.

2) Makes use of online news opportunities (gets included in things like Google News

3) Writes timely articles that take the Discovery Institute and their latest distortions to task.

4) Seeks to educate the public about the Discovery Institute's war on science in a language non-scientists can comprehend and appreciate.

5) Can frame the debate in a manner that taps into cultural biases and existing values.  What I mean by this is most people could care less than evolution is under fire.  Most people have a mistaken impression of what evolution is so the thought of "Darwinism" being under assault is not going to keep most people up late at night.

The war is not a bunch of scientists taking on "Darwinsim", the driving force behind the war is a group of fundamentalist evangelicals who want to replace science with "theistic understandings".  Understanding who the driving force is behind IDC and what their motives are would be alarming to most Americans.  But unless you read PT or some of the other similar blogs the average Joe is pretty much in the dark.

I know there are numerous science blogs that attempt to do what I am suggesting (PT is one good example), but so far I don't think any of them are succeeding.  Many write about the dishonest things being said and done by the Discovery Institute but the audience for these very good articles is so miniscule (or comprised of primarily the evo choir) I don't think the net effect on public perception is measurable.

Anyhow...That's my story...

Uncommon Descent is a moral cesspool, a festering intellectual ghetto that intoxicates and degrades its inhabitants - Stephen Matheson

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