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The nice thing about PT and this forum is you don't get booted for asking logical questions that intelligent design creation begs.

Speaking of begging the question...Is the intelligent designer dead or alive?  True or False?

If he/she/it/ is still living, what is that lizard man up to nowadays?  Seriously, his last "invention" seems to be quite dated now, what it is 10s of thousands of years old or is it millions of years?  

What the heck is he doing with all his free time?  Other than snacking on small rodents and insects that is.

And is the intelligent designing lizard man made of the same irreducible complexity, DNA and encoded cells he is theorized by Dembski, Behe, et al to have invented?  Meaning did he invent himself?  

Maybe I'll send Dembski an email and ask him to break out his HP science calculator and answer that one for me.  Or maybe one of his science students at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary could answer that one for me.  I hear they have an awesome science program at ol' SBTS!

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