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Julie Stahlhut

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(Permalink) Posted: Jan. 22 2006,12:44   

The linked article is, indeed, quite the piece of crap.  Not that it's anything we haven't seen here before, of course.  (Eeewww, it's full of bacterial flagella.  Get some Lysol...)

My favorite line in the linked article:

Meanwhile, at a biology lab in a Pennsylvanian university, biochemist Michael Behe was also puzzled by the astounding complexity he found inside the cell.

Hmmm.  I'm also frequently puzzled by things I find out in the field and lab.  Guess I should just rein in my curiosity, stop taking the time to refine my field and lab techniques, and start agitating for public schools to teach that natural phenomena are just too difficult to understand.

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