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(Permalink) Posted: Oct. 05 2005,05:44   

Quote (evopeach @ Oct. 05 2005,10:34)

Now that I see you're just another pitiful, jealous, butt head from outside the USA why don't you stay the #### out of our internal affiars and fix your own horrible problems.

Are you a socialist, a communist, a neo-nazi, a facist or some other equally admirable true believer.

Good Bye Sewer Pig

Wow, that almost hurt.

BTW, I'll take it to be your admission that you've lost the argument.

Fundamentalism in a nutshell:
"There are a lot of things I have concluded to be wrong, without studying them in-depth. Evolution is one of them. The fact that I don't know that much about it does not bother me in the least."

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