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Reed A. Cartwright

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(Permalink) Posted: Aug. 22 2007,17:45   

Quote (steve_h @ Aug. 19 2007,15:01)
There seem to be question marks where UD has changed normal quotation marks to special left and right curly quotation marks (66 and 99) which have codes higher than 127.

On page one of this thread, multiple spaces (in a code block) in my comments, have been replaced by a character which looks like an A with a caret (^) symbol over it. ?

Testing some german chars: ??????

Those should have been aou and AOU with umlauts. So I guess anything outside of 0x01-0x7F is potentially a problem.

I recompiled/upgraded the database software a week or so ago.  The new one has apparently compiled with different options, making causing some character issues with old text.  It's easy enough to fix once we determine which parts of the database are affected.

I fixed PT a couple days ago.

As far as getting PT 2.0 out, I'm still working on it, testing a lot of stuff out on my own machine.  I'm working with SixApart to make sure that our licensing of the blog software is in order before I upgrade.

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